Public relations

The Apriori PR-Agency has specialized in the provision of PR-services ever since 2002. We rank as one of the best communication agencies in Russia. We have around 300 PR-projects under our belt. 

Media relations

We establish relations with companies and mass media that are mutually beneficial to both parties. 

  • Working out a strategy for covering the activities of a company in mass media;
  • Initiating newsworthy developments that is organizing events in order to cover them in mass media; 
  • Organizing and holding press conferences, press tours, briefings; 
  • Mass media monitoring, press clipping;
  • Drawing up and distributing press releases.

Government relations

The good knowledge that we have about the regional and municipal authorities of Tatarstan allow us to establish and maintain relations between companies and regulatory bodies so that the policies of the companies are clear and mutually beneficial solutions found.
  • Lobbying;
  • Strategy to look for decision-makers;
  • Inviting authority officials to events; 
  • Targeted information flows.